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Where To Get Some Edmonton MLS Listings When Buying A House

Monday Apr 13th, 2020


The Edmonton real estate market was stable over the last couple of years compared to other regions of Alberta. Some contributing factors to this exponential growth are the way the city is vibrant which is demonstrated by a strong residence culture, education, and good governance. If you want to buy your first or second home, you should consider buying a property in Edmonton city. We have active Edmonton MLS listings that will help you easily search for all the houses for sale in Edmonton.

1. Central Edmonton Community

It’s divided into zones 12 & 13 in central Edmonton comprising of Downtown Edmonton, McCauley, Riverdale, Oliver, Blatchford, Central McDougall, Boyle Street and Rossdale communities. Zones 5 & 8 in Northcentral which comprise of Delton, Elmwood Park, Alberta Avenue, Eastwood, Prince Rupert, Spruce Avenue, Westmount, Queen Mary Park and Parkdale communities.

2. Southwest Edmonton Community

It comprises zone 15 which is made up of Allendale, Empire Park, Grandview Heights, Garneau, Belgravia, Malmo Plains, McKernan, Lansdowne, Lendrum Palace, Queen Alexandra, Winsor Park, Strathcona, Parkallen, and Pleasantview neighbourhoods. Zone 14 which covers the Riverbend area touching Brookside, Bulyea Heights, Falconer Heights, Brander Gardens, Haddow, Carter Crest, Magrath Heights, MacTaggart, Leger, Hodgson, Henderson Estates, Ogilvie Ridge, Terwillegar south and Towne, Rhatigan and Ramsay Heights. Zone 16 on the south area which includes; Bearspaw, Blue Quill, Aspen Gardens, Blue Quill Estates, Greenfield, Duggan, Keheewin, Ermineskin, Royal Gardens, Rideau Park, Steinhauer, Skyrattler, Westbrook Estates, Sweet Grass and Twin Brook communities. Zone 55 & 56 which is on the far south. This zone includes neighbourhoods such as; Blackburne, Callaghan, Blackmud Creek, Allard, Ambleside, Chappelle, Richford, Keswick, Paisley, Heritage Valley, Macewan, Windermere and Rutherford.

3. Northeast Edmonton Community

This area is divided into zones 6, 9, 23 & 35 in the entire Clareview Campus region. It comprises of the following neighbourhoods; Bannerman, Bellevue, Bergman, Abbottsfield, Beacon Heights, Belmont, Belvedere, Canon Heights, Fraser, Cromdale, Canon Ridge, Hairsine, Clareview Town Center, Montrose, Highlands, Newton, Homesteader, Kirkness, Virginia Park, Kirkness, Overlanders, Rundle Heights and Sifton Park communities. Zones 2, 3, & 28 along the Lake District area covering Belle Rive, Delwood, Balwin, Belvedere, Crystallina Nera, Casselman, Brintnell, Evansdale, Glengarry, Glengarry, Kildare, Hollick-Kenyon, Miller, York, Killarney, Kilkenny, Ozerna, Schonsee, Lago-Lindo, Matt-Berry, Mc Conachie, McLeod, and North mount.

4. West Edmonton Community

The west-central region of Edmonton is divided into zones 10, 11, & 22 which include; Parkview, Glenora, Crestwood, Elmwood, Laurier Heights, Glenwood, Patricia Heights, Rio Terrace, Sherwood, Lynnwood, Quesnell Heights, Westridge, West Jasper Place and West Meadowlark Park neighbourhoods. Zones 20 in the west end area covers Aldergrove, Callingwood, Belmead, Cameron Heights, Donsdale, Dechene, Lessard, Jamieson Place, Terra Losa, Ormsby Place, Thorncliffe, Wedgewood Heights, and Lymburn.

Zone 57, 58, & 59 on the far west which comprise of Hawks Ridge, Granville, Edgemont, Rosenthal, Starling, Glastonbury Parkland, Trumpeter, Secord, The Hamptons, and the Lewis estate communities.

5. Southeast Edmonton Community

The southeast region of Edmonton is divided into zones 17, 18, & 19 and it covers Argyll, Avonmore, Cloverdale, Forest Heights, Bonnie Doon, Strathearn, Fulton Place, Gold Bar, Holyrood, Hazeldean, Terrace Heights, Capilano, Ottewell, Ritchie, Kenilworth and Idylwylde. Zone 29 which covers the Mill Woods comprise of the following areas; Crawford Plains, Greenview, Bisset, Ekota, Daly-Grove, Jackson Heights, Hillview, Kameyosek, Menisa, Lee-Ridge, Pollard Meadows, Kinski gardens, Mill Woods Town Center, Minchau, Michaels Park, Tipaskan, Sakaw, Richfield, Satoo, Weinlos and Twenddle place.

Zone 30 touches on the Meadows area and includes the following neighbourhoods; Laurel, Maple, Aster, Tamarack, Silver Berry, and Wild Rose.

Zone 52 & 53 is in the far southeast region of Edmonton and comprise of; Decoteau, Ellersille, Charlesworth, Ellerslie, Walker, The Orchards and Summerside communities.

6. Northwest Edmonton Community

This region is home to zone 27 which covers Castle Downs and includes the following areas; Beaumaris, Canossa, Albany, Baranow, Baturyn, Carlton, Carlisle, Chambery, Dunluce, Cumberland, Elsinore, Hudson, Oxford, Pembina, Griesbach and Rapperswil neighbourhoods. Zone 1, 4, 7 & 21 covers areas of Calder, High Park, Athlone, Britannia Youngstown, Dovercourt, Kensington, Mayfield, Inglewood, McQeen, Grovenor, Westmount, Woodcroft, Prince Charles, Rosslyn, North Glenora and Westmount communities. Through these zones, homebuyers can easily filter homes for sale which are listed in various Edmonton MLS listings and select homes in their preferred neighbourhoods and thereafter contact the listing agents. Click here to view all our website Edmonton MLS listings that we have in your favourite zone. How to Determine the Right Home for you we all know that buying a home is a long-term investment. Therefore, you need to be careful before you commit your hard-earned money in buying your dream home. Some key factors that can help you determine whether a certain listed Edmonton house for sale in Edmonton MLS listings is right for you to include; The size of the house including the interior rooms, parking and outdoor spaces, the distance from your workplace or nearest school or hospital. The type of your house( single-family or condo), The price or the property and its current state. Edmonton is a nice city to live in and you can never regret buying your dream home here. It has unique attractions and tourist sites, stunning outdoor natural landscapes, warm temperatures and friendly residents.  All our agents are professionally trained and they will help you narrow down your home search in zones that are a perfect match for your taste and preference. We are committed, well-experienced in dealing with homes for sale in the Edmonton region and ready to work with all our clients.

If you are wondering about where to get some Edmonton MLS listings, talk to us today and we shall walk with you in every step until you get your dream house in Edmonton.


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