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April 2023 Market Statistics Update

Tuesday May 02nd, 2023


April Housing Statistics: Edmonton's spring season is going up. 

Edmonton, May 02, 2023

In April 2023, there were 2,028 homes sold in the Greater Edmonton Area. This was less than last April (30.8% less) but more than March (11.1% more). People put 6% more homes on the market compared to March, but 26% fewer compared to last April. There were also more houses available to buy (7.4% more compared to last year and 9.3% more compared to this March).

In April, detached homes were sold 32.9% less than in April 2022 but 14.2% more than in March 2023 (1,229 units). Semi-detached homes were sold 37% less year-over-year but 19.3% more from March 2023. Row/Townhouse sales went down 23% year-over-year and increased 0.7% month-over-month. Apartment Condominiums sold 23.2 % less than in April 2022, but 1.3 % more than the previous month.

In April 2023, the average price for a home was $408,631. This is lower than in April 2022 but higher than in March 2023. Detached homes cost an average of $500,635. That is lower than it was in April 2022 but more expensive than in March 2023. Semi-detached homes cost around $378,797 on average. That price was lower year-over-year but higher from the month before. The price of row/townhouses went down 3.7% from April 2022 but then went up 5.5% to sell at $261,390. Apartment Condominiums cost an average of $192,560, which was 0.1% less than last month and also 5.8% less than April 2022.

The average house price in the GEA area was $379,500 compared to last month. It was 0.4% more than it was in March 2023 and 9.1% less than it was in April 2022.

“The trend continues with year-over-year dips in average prices, sales, and listings across most categories, while still seeing nominal increases in our month-over-month statistics.,” says REALTORS® Association of Edmonton 2023 Board Chair Melanie Boles.

Detached homes were on the market for 42 days, 4 days less than in March 2023. Semi-detached homes were on the market for 41 days, 2 more than before. Row/townhouses were on the market for 45 days, 7 fewer than before. Apartment condos stayed on the market for 56 days, 4 fewer than in March 2023. All residential listings were on the market for 44 days, 5 less than before and 14 more than last year.



Innocent Sezibera May 2, 2023
Thank you so much Guido for the updates. We are blessed to have you.

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